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About the Company

Nava and Associates provides video and event production services to large and small businesses.

The Challenge

Corporate events can take place anywhere-a small hotel, a large banquet room, even outdoors. And although the event can be well planned, they rely heavily on IT services (such as online registration and live event video streaming) which are often provided by the event. These systems can range from a few computers and a router to large-scale network infrastructures.

But, because Nava and Associates is a very small organization, it can't afford to hire dedicated IT staff that may not have the breadth of experience or expertise to deal with all of the unique IT issues that may arise across the variety of systems with which Nava and Associates must interface to provide is core event services.

Solving the Issues

Through Sagitta's Managed IT services, Nava and Associates is able to ensure that its corporate events go off without a hitch.

"Sagitta Systems' 'black-box' understanding of a wide-range of computing systems means I can rely on their expertise no matter what the situation," says Pete Nava, the owner of Nava and Associates. "Their breadth of experience helps me overcome and challenge that my clients may face at any venues."
To meet the unique needs of Nava and Associatess business (i.e., utilizing existing IT services to provide its core services), Sagitta provides Tier 1-3 support desk support as part of its Managed IT Services offering.

The Results

By providing "outsourced IT staff" services, Sagitta Systems enables Nava and Associates to concentrate on its core business with the comfort of knowing that if there's an IT issue which threaten an event, or impact customer satisfaction, Sagitta Systems is there to resolve it. This not only provides peace-of-mind but greatly reduces overall IT cost-Sagitta Systems resources work only when needed and don't tie up needed capital by sitting idle at a desk.

"Ultimately what Sagitta provides me is happy clients," says the owner of Nava and Associates. "Sagitta is very professional and makes a very good first impression (as they often interact directly with my clients and event locations). They are very efficient and always provide everything under budget and on time (if not ahead of schedule)."

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